Who We Are

We’re a small yet dedicated software company with a focus on video game development. We are determined to producing the best interactive experiences out there through a combination of innovative game design and pro-gamer ethics. Do you also believe in quality over quantity? If so, join us and together we can advance the field of immersive gameplay!

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The Code Of Green

We are apolitical. We will not publicly support/denounce any political views, nor any political organizations. We will not engage in political conversations. Our games are open to everyone.

We will make games we enjoy. We will not put out a product which we do not find fun. Games will have a replay value through having branching storylines, procedural generation, and/or map/gameplay customization.

We will advance the gaming industry. Our games should take risks with unique features and ideas. They should act as cultural pieces through their writing, music, gameplay and art.

We reject unethical business practices. This includes day-one DLC, gambling-based microtransactions, subscriptions, pay-to-win models, and treating games as a service rather than a product.

We will treat our employees like humans. We will not have mass layoffs after a successful game. We will minimize crunch periods and bugs by releasing games when they are finished, rather than rush to meet arbitrary deadlines.



Ultimate Chess VR!



Chess is back and now in VR! But this isn't your grandpa's chessboard. We have fully voiced, fully animated 3D models fighting it out in the board! Take control of your pieces and shatter those of your opponent!

Make new friends all around the world using our casual and competitive multiplayer modes. Will you become the best?

All matches take place in immersive environments; 360 degree landscapes taken from the most beautiful places in the world. Enjoy them from home!

Upcoming Features

  • New chess set themes (Medieval Japan, Modern, and Meme).
  • A "3 Player Chess" mode, where a 3 player chess board is introduced and can be played in singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • Play Classic style on 2 and 3 player boards or change it up with Fischer-Random and Kriegspiel game modes.
  • Hand Tracking support.



Word of Command


A turn-based military strategy game, it is currently in development. You can lead the Western Federation, the Socialist Union, or the Imperial Shogunate into battle. This game is inspired by classics such as "Civilization" and "Advance Wars". We plan to eventually include a map maker, modding support, free DLC, and so much more! WoC is being fully developed in-house with early access being planned for 2023. Stay tuned!



Contract Work



We’ve handled client contracts from $10,000 to $700,000. From outsourced tasks such as artwork, music, 3D modelling, and QA, to full service game development. Whatever your company needs, we’ve done before and can do again! Our certified project managers and experienced team would love to make your dream game come to life. Contact us for a quote!


Game Development & Publishing